Student Project: Smart Urban Objects

Universität der Bundeswehr München, 2019

Project Teams

  • Students participating in the
    course “Human-Computer
    Interaction” in 2019


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Koch
  • Julian Fietkau
  • Buket Garthoff


During the first half of 2019, students in the “Human-Computer Interaction” course were tasked with developing concepts for smart urban objects. During the early phase of the course, possible definitions for the term were discussed and the participants gained an understanding on the work concerning SUOs that had already been done in the UrbanLife+ project by that point. Based on that background and an introduction to HCI design and evaluation methods, they started conceptualizing SUOs that could increase the safety of seniors in the urban space. The goal was a theoretical description of their ideas and arguments based on literature for why it would work, with bonus points given for visualizations and prototypes.

Their ideas were summarized in the posters seen at the top of this page, in addition to written project reports. The posters were also shown at the UrbanLife+ booth at Rheindahlen’s Turmfest in July 2019.